We'll show you which friends are present and list everyone else by our 'shared interests index'. Anyone you don't know becomes a 'discovery', the highest ranked are those who talk about the same things as you - so they're someone you could probably have a good chat with over a coffee.

Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet lets you learn about your 'discoveries' - their name, what they look like, your joint friends at the event and the things they commonly talk about. In short - everything you need to find them and start a conversation.

Coming soon…

  • More photos and resources so you can learn even more about your chosen conversation partner
  • Bookmarking - note who you want to meet so you can find them later
  • Contact tools - get in contact with them through email and twitter directly from within SocialTies

We're somewhere between an Alpha and Beta test at present, shortly we'll be asking people to test the Beta version. If you'd like to be on the test, enter your email below.

We're supporting Android and iPhone devices at first, other devices should follow.

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